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Monday, November 28, 2016
By Mary White Photography
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Christmas Jammies Minis 2016!

As most of you know I had a studio last year.  Long story short it didn't work out.  It ended up being a blessing in disguise as I truly am mostly a outdoor photographer.  My newborn sessions are lifestyle in the family's home.  Maybe someday I will have my own in home studio making lifestyle type newborn sessions in my own studio?! Who knows what the future will bring me and my photography! I have learned to just do what comes natural to me and my work and by doing so my work has been exactly what I envisioned!

Anyway.  Back to my Christmas Jammies Mini Day. It went great! Yes it was a crazy day full of little boys but limiting to studio time to 20 minutes was perfect! Anymore than that and we would have all gone crazy.  Ha!! So on that note I am thinking I may do Valentine's Day Minis in January and an Easter/Spring Mini day in March? Same concept - 20 minute slots on one day!

And the studio? I just rented the space for a day :)